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Yareta,very beautiful plant

Yareta,very beautiful plant

This plant Yareta. The plant, also known as «Llareta» in the Spanish version, there is only a few countries – Chile, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, and grows at an altitude of between 3200 and 4500 meters above sea level – below these heights it is simply impossible to find. It looks great, but is actually a colony of thousands of individual tiny sprouts Apiaceae family with the scientific name Azorella compacta.

To reduce heat loss in extremely cold dawn at this height, leaflets plants are flush with each drug. Bravado it pressed as close to the ground, where the temperature a couple of degrees above the mean temperature of this ecosystem.

. In addition to cooking, Yareta used to ignite the fire. At least it was until recently. Yarety scale deforestation has become so great that environmentalists fear it will vymirat.Poetomu currently four countries, which increases Yareta prohibit its prey. And there is hope that in time the old look

restored. Best friends Yarety – time and rest.

Yareta not shed their leaves all year and is a perennial evergreen. It blooms pink or

pale purple flowers.

Yarety rate of growth, according to experts, is a maximum of 2 centimeters per year. In addition, you are likely to live at low altitudes, which Yareta can not exist, let alone to grow.

Although the plant is not used in the medical industry, conducted research its curative properties. Local residents routinely use Yaretu rheumatic boley.Govoryat that tea from the leaves helps to control blood 
pressure and diabetes, as well as wanting to lose weight a little bit, use it as an appetite-reducing agent.


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